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Celestial Orb (d4)

Celestial Orb (d4)

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Single d4 featuring mesmerizing globe encased within the die, creating an enchanting visual effect reminiscent of otherworldly spheres. The sphere is cast resin and contain gold to purple colorshifting resin in the middle of each die. The sphere is wrapped in a slight black smoke effect and laying on a black ink base. The die is inked gold.

The sphere is made of solid resin and doesn't affect the balance or roll of the die in any way.

All Draco Solis dice are handmade, and we put our hearts into crafting them to be as perfect as possible. However due to the handmade nature of the dice there may be some sort of imperfections or cosmetic flaws. Any more noticeable flaws are listed below, and the product is priced accordingly.

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