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Moon Phase Necklace

Moon Phase Necklace

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This necklace consists of a 16x29mm crystal, the same size as our d4, hoop and sssnakish shape. The chain is 1mm thick and 55 cm (21,6 in) long. If you would prefer adaptable lenght (21,6-23,4 in), contact us at or here and we will modify it for you. The chain is stainless steel.

The crystal has mirror shine and features black swirls and many red-green-gold sparkles.

Please note that this necklace was made in small batch. Therefore, there may be differences in distribution of the color and suspension of the materials used. Every piece is unique and one of a kind. Choose your desired Moon Phase from the variant options.

All Draco Solis dice are handmade, and we put our hearts into crafting them to be as perfect as possible. However due to the handmade nature of the dice there may be some sort of imperfections or cosmetic flaws. Any more noticeable flaws are listed below, and the product is priced accordingly.

Flaws: No flaws, just fabulous.

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