• All orders are shipped from Europe, Czech Republic via Czech Post with tracking included. Shipping costs are calculated at the checkout.
  • It takes 1 week - 2 months for the shipping company to deliver your dice to you. Most of the packages arive in 3 weeks but sometimes there can be a delay.
  • If we don't ship to your country, contact us on our social media, email or contact page and we will see what we can do.
  • Currently we are unable to ship to Belarus.

Returns & Refunds

If your dice arrive damaged from the transport, please take a photo of the package and the dice and contact us via email or contact page. We will arrange a replacement or a refund. Please note that small imperfections are not eligible for returns.


We always craft our dice to be as perfect as possible and would never sell anything that we wouldn't be happy with. However, it is still possible that some products may have micro scratches or mold marks, nonetheless we will try our best to disclose any significant imperfections in the product description.


Please note that some dice sets were made in small batches. Therefore, there may be differences in distribution of the color and suspension of the materials used in the dice. Every dice is unique and one of a kind.

Raw dice

Raw dice are unfinished dice taken out of the silicone mould without any post-processing work. These dice require sanding, polishing and inking to be complete.  Benefits of raw dice are that you can ink them however you like and are also cheaper than standard finished dice. You can buy a finishing update with your order of a raw dice. In that case we will finish the dice for you.


With every shop update we will try to open a few commission slots. These slots will be available as a separate product on our website that you can order. After you order a slot, we will contact you for additional information.

Dice dimensions

Width x Height

  • Chonk - 33x33mm
  • d4 - 16x29mm
  • d6 - 16x16mm
  • d8 - 16x27mm
  • d10 - 20x25mm
  • d%20x25mm
  • d12 - 21x18mm
  • d20 - 22x22mm